Nutritive Nectar Thermique


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Nutritive Nectar Thermique


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Product Description

Designed for dry hair, this polishing nutritive milk acts as a thermo protector for hair exposed to styling tools. 1. Helps protect dry hair from blow-dry and styling tool damages 2. Makes hair easier to style 3. Polishes the hair surface for a double anti-roughness/anti-dullness action 4. Hair fibre feels deeply nourished 5. Hair is left shine with a perfect glazed-like finish Apply a chestnut-sized quantity of Nectar Thermique on washed and treated towel-dried hair. Massage onto the lengths and ends, then proceed to blow-dry using a hair-dryer or heated styling tool. Leave-in. IRIS ROYAL COMPLEX: - For a softness and shine-enhancing action - Protects the hair from oxidation and helps prolong a nourished feeling - Thermo-protective properties - Intense shine and softness