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Every bride dreams of the perfect day, perfect dress, perfect shoes and perfect hair. If you have found yourself twelve weeks and counting from your big day and a hair melt down suddenly hits, then read the following must dos from stylist Maricia Horan from Davey Davey as she talks you through the next three months to help you achieve glossy, luscious locks for that all important, stress free walk down the aisle. 12 Weeks So your 12 weeks away and you don’t have a regular hairdresser or someone that you are going to trust with your hair for the big day then now is the time to get hunting. If you don’t have a recommendation from a family member or friends then search the Internet for a highly recommended salon. A website with a body of wedding work will help you decide who you should go with. Once you have found a hairdresser they should discuss a 12 week plan that will enable you to have a calendar of appointments ranging from at least 1-2 haircuts (if required), 2 colour appointments depending on your colour type, a series of in-salon treatments (Fusio Dose from Kerastase are excellent, ranging from intensely nourishing to deeply reparative), and at least one trial date. 12-10 Weeks To Go A good hairdresser if they have assessed you correctly will want to do your colour at least once before doing your final colour for the big day. Whether it is highlights or an all over colour or both, ye both need to be confident and happy with what ye have decided. On the day of your first colour a course of products should be recommended to suit your hair type and get you moving in the right direction especially if the hair is damaged or locks shine. 8-6 Weeks To Go At this stage you should be thinking of getting your hair trimmed if it needs it and as with pointed out previously go with what your hairdresser recommends. Also this is the best time to start thinking and talking about a trial for you and your bridesmaids if you feel they would benefit from one. 6-4 Weeks To Go If you feel that your hair at this stage needs or would benefit from some extra nourishment now would be a good time. Fusio Dose from Kerastase is excellent and they last up to five cleanses. 2-1 Weeks To Go I would always advise having your colour done at least a week to 10 days (depending on your colour) before your wedding day to allow your colour to settle and also just in case there is any last minute tweaking needed. Make sure to remind your hairdresser about any extra details, as this should be your last visit before your big day. Example: if they need to bring anything extra with then or have anything ordered.